“Life is performance . . . fed and held in place, and eventually extinguished, by fundamental laws of chemistry and physics.” Tim Flannery, Here on Earth

Born and raised in Singapore, I lived and worked in Adelaide for most of my adult life. I have exhibited regularly in Adelaide, as well as having the opportunities to show my work in the ACT and Singapore. I was selected as a finalist in numerous art awards, including high commendations in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art prize and the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize. I was also winner of the 2015 Watershed Art Prize.
These days painting sustains my studio practice; integrating concept, process and materials. Painting non-figuratively gives me the freedom to express thoughts purely through painterly conceptualisation while allowing an audience to enjoy my work on its own aesthetic value.
I draw on experiences from within my own cultural heritage, and admire the discipline behind the poetic abandonment found in Chinese and Japanese ink and brush painting. I also find joy in looking at the unschooled freshness of a child’s painting which requires no rationalisation. Artists whose creative output I find interesting, include Ian Fairweather, Joan Mitchell, Aida Tomescu, John Olsen and the Zhou Brothers (周氏兄弟). Citing influences can be at times problematic, for me authenticity can only emerge from the trails of continuous practise and reflections, but always with humanity and nature in mind.

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Painting, photography and text by Sum Woon Chow. 
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